About Us

Woodford Manor is an independently owned aged care home with a proud tradition of providing care to the local community. Founded over 30 years ago by Dawn and Peter McKenzie, and known as Embracia Care until 2022, their dedication and passion nurtured a team of highly skilled and dedicated staff, and helped our home become one of Queensland’s most trusted aged care residences.  We are proud of our heritage, and the solid foundation it has provided for the future.

Our Vision

To care for people who live in a home that's theirs, not ours. We are caretakers providing care to those who need a little help with day to day living, the same way we provide for and nurture our own families.

Our Mission

We care about our residents. We care about their quality of life. We care about their safety. We care about the quality of our work.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has the resident at its heart. We innovate and create best-practice models of care based on the changing needs of residents and shifts in the industry. Our goal is to make sure our residents’ quality of life is maintained, and improved where possible, while they live with us.

We Believe

Life is to be enjoyed.

Fun is an integral part of our philosophy.  Fun is passion, and life is to be enjoyed.  This remains the same regardless of where you live.

Individual needs come first.

Our residents' care and independence is our priority.  We support them to maintain their independence, dignity, and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

Ageing in place.

We believe in mixed care and ageing in place, enabling social connections and relationships to continue to grow.

The Montessori approach to dementia care.

Our goal is to support and encourage each person to live more independently and with purpose.

Our Team

Meet the dedicated team supporting you every day.

Andrew Meek


Sue Holton-Brown

Queensland Operations Manager

Natalie Chilcott


Kerrie Gelder

Clinical Care Coordinator

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