Aged Care Services
Quality care, for
quality of life.

Woodford Manor provides 24-hour nursing and personal care to residents based on their individual needs. We strongly believe our residents are individuals deserving of a fulfilling life, and their care needs and clinical diagnoses do not define them.
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Residential Aged Care

For people needing help with everyday living, making Woodford Manor their home provides a comfortable, supportive environment for a better quality of life. Residents can receive support for their everyday needs: personal and medical care, cooking, cleaning and laundry, all suited to their individual requirements.

Our accommodation is light-filled, spacious and comfortable. Each room has a private ensuite and is connected to a central living space within our households. Residents are supported by registered nurses and trained carers 24-hours a day and have access to a range of activities.

Our residential aged care includes

24-hour nurse on site

Individual care plans

Easy to use 24/7 Nurse Call system in each room and bathroom

Support with arranging personal medical needs such as GP appointments, pathology, or scripts.

Understanding your life - likes and dislikes, activities and interests, favourite foods and general day to day needs.

Dementia Friendly Care

Woodford Manor follows the Montessori approach to dementia care. This approach focuses on what people can do, rather than what they can’t. We achieve this by creating an environment suited to each person's unique abilities, needs and interests; and encouraging learning and development of their individual strengths. Alongside this we develop a program of meaningful activities and roles to suit each person. These activities are designed to help each person maintain, or in some instances regain, some ability to carry out simple tasks.

The Montessori approach has demonstrated success in improving people’s self-esteem and giving a sense of belonging to a supportive community.

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Respite Care

We offer respite care for both planned breaks, and unforeseen situations where respite is more urgently needed. Knowing that a loved one is being properly cared for while at Woodford Manor allows carers and families to take a break with assurance and confidence. Respite residents have access to round the clock care and are encouraged to participate in activities occurring during their time with us. They’ll enjoy freshly cooked meals and live alongside our permanent residents.

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Palliative Care

Our quality palliative care is overseen by our nursing team and is centred on respecting the resident, their wishes, and ensuring their individual needs and dignity remain the focus throughout. Our staff provide compassionate and caring support to loved ones at a challenging time.

Useful Resources:
Department of Health and Aged Care - Palliative Care

Palliative Care Australia

Our care meets the Australian National Palliative Care Standards requirements.

24-hour nurse on site.

Individual care plan.

Respecting your wishes.



"I am so happy I transferred my mother who relocated to Woodford Manor. She has a lovely bright room, very modern and it looks out onto a garden."


“Beautiful nursing home staff are amazing and  caring and just a lovely place. It’s very clean and well run. Residents seem very happy. All care staff  and other staff cleaners reception staff have my full respect.”


“Just want to say we visited today as part of Moviliti Dental Care to see the residents, the staff were amazing and so welcoming and went out of their way to help us , it was such a calming and lovely facility and the staff were just beautiful”


"My 97-year-old Mum has been living at Woodford Manor for nearly 6 years. The care Mum has and continues to receive is outstanding. I can't recommend Woodford Manor highly enough."

Empowering residents and families.

We empower our residents to have agency over their care, home and lives. We ensure that residents can make their own choices - always. We provide person-centered care, using the Eden Alternative and Montessori approaches to care.

Quality care from our people.

We say look beyond the chandeliers - while many competitors have a flashy lobby and not much else, our shining jewel is our people. We offer a higher commitment of qualified care than many competitors. We pride ourselves on a lower turnover rate of staff, with higher staffing levels helping avoid burnout, and improving quality of care.

Connecting to the local community.

Our home is part of the local community, and we encourage the local community to become part of the home.

Care tailored to each individual.

Woodford Manor provides individually tailored care so that our residents can focus on enjoying life.