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Wondering what life at Woodford Manor looks like for our wonderful staff? Continue reading to find out why many choose to work in a friendly, warm and supportive environment at our home.

If you are in a care giving role, the option to work from home is not always possible. For those in the health care sector who are seeking a greater work-life balance many are making a work ‘tree change’ cutting out lengthy city commutes and choosing to work in smaller, more relaxed communities.

Peter Green is a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) at Woodford Manor, who travels to work from Bribie Island each day. He says, ‘Leaving behind the city commute for the fringe of the country is the pace I like. I’m loving it’.

The team at Woodford Manor Aged Care enjoy working in a tranquil environment among a close-knit community where the individual is at the heart of everything they do. There is a very special bond among the team and the residents, that comes from being able to take the time to really get to know everyone.

‘I came to Woodford Manor from another well-established facility,’ says Jenny Thompson, PCA at Woodford Manor, ‘I am happy say that I have found my new co-workers very welcoming and supportive. The facility is modern, yet it manages to keep the rural feel. Teamwork is our speciality. Becoming a member of the Woodford Manor team was definitely the right decision for me! 

Natalie Chilcott, Manager at Woodford Manor, says, ‘Being part of something special like this small community, with its boutique feel is amazing. The friendliness and welcoming atmosphere have been complemented by so many people who have had the pleasure of coming into home. I have fun everyday supporting the residents to live their best lives with a truly organic team'.

Starting a nursing career in a smaller community can also be much easier for many new graduates who feel unprepared for the practicalities of the job. The graduate nursing program at Woodford Manor provides an opportunity to put learning into practice in a safe and supportive environment.

Natalie says, ‘Whether you are a newly graduated nurse seeking a nurturing environment, or an experienced nurse looking for a role where your voice really matters, we are always keen to speak with dedicated, compassionate people who have a desire to help others'.

If you are looking for the perfect place to start your nursing career, or are thinking of leaving the city hustle and bustle behind, Woodford Manor Aged Care could provide the next step you are seeking.

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