Boxing like a boss

Exercise and movement is one of the key focuses in the leisure and lifestyle program where residents work closely with our team of qualified professionals to improve strength and mobility.

At Woodford Manor, exercise and movement is one of the key focuses in the leisure and lifestyle program, ensuring that residents work to improve on their strength and mobility while socialising with other residents.

For resident, Kay, participating in exercise classes allows her to improve her fitness and socialise with other residents. Kay says she attends morning movement group every day and works with the physiotherapist twice a week in a smaller class helping to improve her balance. Her favourite exercise activity at Woodford Manor is the boxing classes which she attends twice a week. Run by Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Lee-ann, the boxing classes are designed to improve mobility and challenge strength and whilst having fun with other residents. Kay said, ‘I have never done boxing and was slightly overwhelmed at first, but the boxing has improved my fitness, my coordination and makes me think’.

Growing up, Kay said she was never the sporty type. Throughout her career as a nurse, she worked all kinds of hours, but always enjoyed walking her dog before and after her shifts to keep up her fitness. She sometimes played golf with friends and occasionally enjoyed aqua aerobics too.

Kay says that she knew when she came to the home that she needed to continue with some form of exercise to keep her fitness levels up. ‘I have actually done more sport and exercise at Woodford Manor than I did before hand,’ she said.

When asked which exercises she enjoys most at the home, Kay says she loves all of them, but the boxing classes are her favourite.‘The boxing has been fun as we go to other facilities and show our skills.

Attending the boxing classes has helped her mental health as she suffers from anxiety and depression. ‘Some days it is hard to get out of bed,’ says Kay, ‘but knowing someone comes to get me and encourages me, ’is what makes her determined. ‘Once I am at boxing or another exercise class, it takes my mind off how I feel,’ she says.

She has found herself making some very close friends by attending the boxing classes and enjoys the banter and laughs she has with other residents during the classes. I’m proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone,’ says Kay, adding that her efforts in the ring have earned her anew nickname – Bad to the Bone Hooper!

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