For the love of food

Celebrating the wonderful food as prepared by Head Chef, Emma, and the kitchen team at Woodford Manor.

For many of us, enjoying our food is more than just fulfilling our hunger, it’s about the experience, the joy, and the relaxing comfort we feel when we eat.

For residents at Woodford Manor Aged Care, not only do they get to enjoy the delicious and nutritious food from the menu as created by Head Chef, Emma, and the kitchen team, but they also get to help craft the menu so that every meal is catered to their preferences.

Chef Emma says that food has the power to instantly transport us somewhere we may have never been but always longed to see. Or perhaps it’s someplace our residents always loved but can no longer go—a trip to the beach with fish and chips or a barbeque in the park. Food and nutrition dramatically contributes to older people's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Mealtimes are a time when our residents gather to connect and create memories with each other. Recognising that quality food and mealtime experiences can significantly improve an older person’s quality of life has inspired me to continue researching and enhancing better ways to improve our resident’s nutrition and dining experience.

For Woodford Manor resident, Judith Whish, enjoying high quality, fresh and nutritious food is a highlight since moving into the home. ‘I am offered so many nice meals it’s hard to choose,’ says Judith. ‘I’ve always liked food my whole life, I’m a good eater, but was never a great cook.’

Our menu has been created alongside dietitians to ensure our residents receive high-quality and nutritious meals. All meals are prepared fresh onsite in our modern kitchen, thanks to our chefs dedicated to serving restaurant-quality meals to our aged care residents. We source quality ingredients, use fresh local produce as often as possible, and offer a range of colourful, wholesome meals. ‘I don’t think I can pick a favourite meal I actually like them all,’ says Judith. ‘The hot breakfast is a good way to start the day, then we have coffee in the café and yummy morning tea.’

Emma says, ‘Our menu is designed to focus on cooking from scratch and using as few processed or premade foods as possible. From our old favourites packed with flavour to new taste sensations, we emphasise our resident’s choice and selection to make mealtimes exciting.’

To find out more about nutritional wellness at our home, please speak to our friendly team on 07 5420 4000.

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