Looking into Life at Woodford

Discover life at Woodford, where residents like Betty Muir enjoy a supportive environment filled with activities and meaningful connections.

Ever wondered what life at our home looks like? For residents at Woodford Manor, no two days are the same. With a range of activities and events happening round the clock, there’s always something for residents to look forward to.

We understand that placing a loved one into care can be a difficult decision often associated with guilt and stress, and that finding the right home is important. Rest assured, at Woodford, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive and supportive environment for our residents' well-being.

For Woodford Manor resident, Betty Muir, making the move into care came with hesitation. However, since moving into the home, she shares with us what the transition was like, and what she loves most about living at the home.

Betty opens up about her worries related to her change in living arrangements away from her life-long home. ‘I was worried about falling out of bed, as I had a bigger bed at home and now I'm sleeping in a single bed,’ she says.

Soon after making the move into the home, Betty adapted well to her new living environment. ’Being looked after is the greatest comfort,’ tells us with a smile. ’I don’t have to worry about washing or cleaning, and I know that if I ever have a fall, there’s always someone nearby. The home has a good, homely feeling and there’s always something to do every day,’ she says. Betty also says how much she loves the outdoors, and the fact that her room has access to external courtyards and gardens. ‘I have a wonderful room with a backdoor. I walk straight out, sit on my chairs, and overlook my gardens. I could not be happier than I am now.’

Betty says that she has not only found comfort in her physical surroundings but has also established meaningful connections with fellow residents. ’In the area I am in we have some lovely ladies, and we organise a monthly happy hour,’ says Betty. ‘We've even got special glasses that the lifestyle team made for our wine afternoons. I have also met some lovely men in my boxing class and pool table afternoons, there is always so much banter and laughs,’ she adds.

Betty says that moving to Woodford Manor has seen her try some activities she never thought she would enjoy. ‘Before coming here, I was only interested in gardening,’ she says. ‘Never in my wildest dreams I would have thought I would be in a boxing class doing boxing drills.’ Our dedicated Lifestyle Coordinator, Lee-ann, is a qualified boxing instructor who runs regular boxing classes for residents that include a variety of movements that help improve strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and coordination, bringing several benefits to residents’ overall health. 

Besides boxing, Betty has also discovered new skills and some new favourite games. ’I had never played a game of pool before, and now I am in a pool table competition every Wednesday and actually getting balls in – they call me trick shot Betty now,’ she adds. ‘I never played bingo before but am enjoying the game here, and word ladder is also one of my favourites.’ Betty says that she loves the various theme days throughout the year which include spectacular food. ‘I cannot fault the food in any way,’ says Betty. ‘The variety offered is outstanding, the cakes and desserts. I take my hat off to the lifestyle team,’ she applauds.

Betty emphasises the positive rapport she shares with the staff at Woodford Manor, saying that they are ‘great and very helpful’. She adds, ‘They pop their heads in and come in for a chat, I enjoy the one-on-one time with them, they get very busy but always have a smile on their face and still make time for everyone.’

For those considering placing their loved ones at Woodford Manor, Betty has glowing recommendations saying that the home's cleanliness is what made a memorable first impression, and the food has also been beyond expectation ‘When my family and I came to look at the facility, the cleanliness of the home was amazing, surprised us the most,’ she adds. ‘Now that I have been living at Woodford, I can also say that the management is very helpful and very approachable, nothing is ever a problem.’

Our team at Woodford Manor Aged Care are here to guide and support residents and their families when making the move into care. If you’re considering aged care for you or a loved one, book a private tour of our home and have all your questions answered by our friendly team.

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