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Find out more about the wonderful food here at Woodford Manor by Head Chef, Emma, and the kitchen team.

For many of us, food is such a joyful part of our daily life, and the quality of our food contributes to our overall physical and mental well-being. At Woodford Manor Aged Care, residents enjoy the variety of foods on the menu as crafted by our wonderful Head Chef, Emma, and the kitchen team.

Emma has been part of the Woodford Manor family since May 2018 and is a highly valued member of our home, who residents also adore. Emma tells us that the home provides a wide variety of fresh ingredients to ensure that residents receive diverse and exciting meal options. Meals vary from baked salmon with herbed couscous and a creamy dill sauce to a variety of different roast meals served with roast vegetables and a hearty gravy. With each meal, Emma and her team focus heavily on ensuring that it is special to residents.

‘My primary consideration when designing the menu comes down to residents’ choice and preferences,’ says Emma. ‘We hold bi-monthly food committee meetings where we invite residents to sit down with me and discuss which menu items they love, and what could use improvement.’

Emma also works closely with Leisure and Lifestyle Coordinator, Lee-ann Swan, to craft a menu that reflects the variety of special them days held throughout the year. ‘Catering for special events is one of my favourite things to do,’ says Emma. ‘When designing the menu for a special event, I consider the theme of the event and the preferences of those who will be attending.’ ‘Teaming up with Lee in lifestyle to create a fun and exciting experience by providing delicious food and an exciting environment is truly a privilege,’ she says.

As well as nutritional variety in the menus, the kitchen team also bakes sweet goodies for residents to enjoy. Our talented cake decorators, Jamie and Connie, are fabulous at baking cakes and professionally decorating them for both special days as well as personal birthdays and milestone events for residents. Jamie and Connie say that they like to research designs of cakes to experiment and be creative with. ‘We research the resident to see what is their favourite colour and anything they like so we have a great cake topper.’

Emma tells us that the cakes, biscuits, and chocolates make the day special for residents. ‘I am 100% confident I have such an incredible team of cooks when it comes to the theme days,’ she says.

To see more of all the wonderful food enjoyed by residents, be sure to follow us on Facebook or contact our home to find out more.

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